Starting with a… pffffttt…. Surprised?

This may give you some idea what to expect from this blog. It’s a (relatively) serious post about the importance of apps that making bodily function noises. Yes, it’s about why building fart noise apps matters.

Fart noise jokes are nearly ubiquitous. Make such a noise, and people will snicker, or if in polite company, try their hardest not to snicker. And they are apparently timeless as well (see Flatulence Humor, Wikipedia).

So, there is no surprise in the fact that they have moved into the digital age. There’s the story of the iPhone app that lit up the charts, But I find it more interesting to consider why young people, many of them, think making such apps is so darn appealing.

In full disclosure, I have never made my own fart noise app, though I did record my daughter laughing and make an app out of that, which I propose is related. People make apps that are important and meaningful to them. However, most of the apps I see made are not my own. By now, I have seen hundreds of youth build their first apps. Invariably, one or more in a group will make an app that makes “inappropriate” noises.


This is more than simple silliness. Yes, silliness is there in good measure. More notably, though, I think this is evidence of youth taking control of their surroundings.

Let’s look at the outcomes – the builders get attention, from peers and adults. For a moment, or longer, they are the center of the social encounter.  They know that the adults, sometimes known as authority figures, will have to contend with what to do in such a situation – should they laugh it off (giving power to the creator as a source of humor), scold or punish (giving social standing to the creator as one who can make an authority seem petty), or simply ignore (which in rare cases they do, while probably laughing inside).

Apparently, then, fart apps serve the creator well in many cases. So with that inspiration, I offer this to you to consider:

If you were 12-years old, in 2015 USA, with many aspects of life outside of your control, what would your first app do?


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